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Blog Tour: Redemption by Alla Kar

Redemption by Alla Kar 
(Huntsville #1) 
Published by: Swoon Romance
Publication date: November 27th 2015
Genres: Contemporary, New Adult, Romance

His second chance may cost him his sweetest addiction …
The truth about NEVEAH’S cheating fiancée hit hard—but not as hard as her right hook to his jaw. After ridding herself of him she travels back home to Huntsville, Texas to her father and his boxing gym where she grew up. When she finds a beaten man in the woods beside her home, her entire life changes and things get—complicated.
Ex-con RAGE only wants two things—for the man that set him up to release his sister, and for him to burn in Hell where he belongs. After being released from prison, he heads straight to the man that put him there, only to be beaten and tossed in the woods for dead. When he’s found by the most beautiful girl he’s ever met, he knows he’ll have a chance to rescue his sister even though she doesn’t realize she needs saving.
Neveah and her father, nurse Rage back to heath, offer him a job at their gym and quickly find out that he’s amazing in the ring. Without them knowing who he is, he knows he’s been given a second chance to live his life. The only condition is that he has to stay away from Neveah, which is a promise he soon realizes is hard to keep. The feisty southern beauty normally gets what she wants, and Rage wants to give her everything.
With the truth lurking in the shadows, Rage must decide if his sweetest addiction is worth giving up his second chance.


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My name is Alla Kar. I live in the deep south with my fiancé and Chihuahua. I love to write about alpha males, southern gentlemen and swoon-worthy men! :)

Booking Blitz: The Second Chance by Aubrey Parker

The Second Chance by Aubrey Parker 
(Inferno Falls, #3) 
Publication date: November 24th 2015
Genres: New Adult, Romance


He left her alone. Now he’s back … but too much has changed.
Maya grew up with a big heart and even bigger dreams. She never thought she’d end up a single mother spending her whole life where she grew up—the small town of Inferno Falls. But things didn’t work out the way she thought. Grady, her high school love, moved away and left her alone to raise her daughter before the ink dried on their diplomas. Eight years later, Maya’s struggling to make ends meet. And when life gets too tough, she heals the void inside in the only way she knows … whether it’s right or wrong.
But then Grady returns. He’s finally grown homesick after nearly a decade of wandering America, seeing sights and having adventures like Maya always dreamed of—but could never reach for. And Maya holds out hope—more than hope, a need—that Grady is coming home for her, too. It could be just like old times, if she can keep a grip on her bad habits for long enough. Maybe she can finally have the man she’s always wanted, and Kylie can have the father she’s always needed.
Many of us get second chances, but never more than three strikes.
Maya makes the dangerous mistake of assuming everything is just the way it was before, despite the years that have passed. When Grady only wants to make sure they’re not moving too quickly, Maya sees rejection and disaster looms. Rather than preserving a perfect memory, it seems the years have changed them both too much, perhaps, to heal the past. But to earn the love and happiness she’s hunted for so long, Maya won’t merely need to learn to accept Grady … and will have to learn to accept herself, first.


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Booking Blitz: Before the Dawn by Lindsey Fairleigh and Lindsey Pogue

Before the Dawn
Lindsey Fairleigh & Lindsey Pogue
(The Ending #4)
Publication date: November 20th 2015
Genres: New Adult, Post-Apocalyptic, Romance
A year ago, the Virus killed off most people in the world.
A year ago, strange things started happening to those who survived. Some of them transformed into something dark and sinister, while others evolved, becoming something more, something beyond human.
A year ago, Dani and Zoe were lost. They traversed the country to find one another, losing some of the people dearest to them along the way. They fought for their right to simply live, uncovered long-buried secrets, and discovered irreversible truths. And after everything Dani and Zoe have been through—even with the battle wounds that they bear—they’re still not safe.
It’s time for the struggling to end, for survivors to take back their lives, their families, their safety. It’s time to really begin to live, and to do that, they must wait for the first rays of dawn.
For three hours, I’d been sitting at the dining room table, my sketchpad washed in the baleful color of late morning that shone through the narrow windows, overlooking what appeared to be a deserted farm. Everyone was hiding indoors, dehydrating food, wrenching, painting, and—in Annie’s case—playing with kitties, all sheltered from the sudden downpour.
Hearing the creak of the front door opening, I looked up. Tavis stepped inside, rain dripping off his coat as he leaned forward and peered into the dining room at me, his feet planted firmly on the welcome mat.
“Hey,” I said, folding my arms in front of me.
Tavis smiled, his warm, customary greeting. “Morning.” But even in his natural, easy air, there was something about the way he looked at me that made even the slightest linger of his gaze and the quickest glance seem like something more. I could’ve pried, could’ve peeked and prodded, but I was a little too hesitant to learn the reason.
“You seen our animal whisperer anywhere? We’ve got a horse with colic out here. We could use her Ability.” Tavis pointed to his head.
His facial expressions always made me laugh, and I couldn’t help but smile back at him as I glanced outside. Darker clouds approached quickly from the west. “She’s out with Jason,” I said, “foraging. Hopefully they’ll be home soon.”
“Ah, foraging,” he said with a wink. “Got it.” And then he was out the door, and I watched as he strode back toward the stable.
I took a sip of lukewarm coffee, settling back into work mode, and let out a sigh as I stared down at the start of my second blueprint of the day. I tapped my charcoal pencil on the tabletop and glanced between Jason’s hasty, ill-proportioned sketch and my own, hoping I was interpreting his floorplans for the new smokehouse accurately. I’d gotten quite good at looking past his scribbled letters and numbers, relying mostly on the arrows and the drawing itself to help me decipher the rest.
Footsteps creaking overhead and feminine laughter were followed by a muffled “You wish, buddy” that floated down the stairs of the otherwise silent house. No wonder Harper had been so anxious to rearrange the infirmary. Chris laughed again, a sound I’d been hearing more and more frequently over the months. My eyebrow rose of its own accord, and I reached for the mug beside my sketchpad. A contented smile splayed my lips as I appreciated the happy routine we’d all seemed to fall into, gloomy weather or no.
After draining the contents of my mug, I absently set it aside, deciding the beams in the smokehouse roof needed to be closer together if they were going to support the wide—
An ear-piercing cry rolled in with the distant rumble of thunder.
Eyes narrowed and heartbeat thrumming, I jumped to my feet and gazed through the window at the gravel drive. Opening my mind, I felt Dani’s desperation and anguish before I even saw her.
“—shot!” With hair matted from the rain and her clothes drenched, Dani sprinted clumsily up the driveway, her eyes wide with terror. “He’s been shot!

Author Bio:
Lindsey Fairleigh lives her life with one foot in a book—as long as that book transports her to a magical world or bends the rules of science. Her novels, from post-apocalyptic to time travel and historical fantasy, always offer up a hearty dose of unreality, along with plenty of adventure and romance. When she’s not working on her next novel, Lindsey spends her time reading and trying out new recipes in the kitchen. She lives in the Pacific Northwest with her two very confused cats.
Lindsey Pogue has always been a little creative. As a child she established a bug hospital on her elementary school soccer field, wrote her first YA manuscript in high school, and as an adult, expresses herself through writing. Her novels are inspired by her observations of the world
around her—whether she’s traveling, people watching, or hiking. When not plotting her next storyline or dreaming up new, brooding characters, Lindsey’s wrapped in blankets watching her favorite action flicks or going on road trips with her own leading man.

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Booking Blitz: Hustle by Ashley Claudy

Hustle by Ashley Claudy 
Publication date: November 19th 2015
Genres: New Adult, Romance, Sports

South Eastern University: Where the football players are royalty and Andrew Fayden is king.
College was supposed to be Brook’s chance to escape the rumors and the harassment that plagued her at home, but she hadn’t planned on meeting Andrew Fayden.
Now, she’s finding it hard to think of anything else or anyone else. She’s determined to wipe him from her mind though because he is the definition of unavailable. He’s got an on and off again girlfriend always on the sidelines and a flood of girls willing to take over that position.
And his popularity makes it hard to keep a low profile, something she needs to do if she doesn’t want to be pulled back into the drama of her past.
Despite all the warnings, she’s finding it hard to resist– and he’s making it hard to say no.


New Adult Author. 

Outside The Ropes Series: 
Outside The Ropes 
Inside Danger 
OtherSide Of Fear 

Coming this fall: Hustle 
"South Eastern University: Where the football players are royalty and Andrew Fayden is king."

Mother. Wife. Teacher. Proud UMD Terp. Perpetual learner. Wild imagination fueled by coffee. Occasional runner. Late night book junkie. Daytime dreamer. 

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Blog Tour: The Girl With Hearts by Savannah Blevins

THE GIRL WITH HEARTS by Savannah Blevins
Series: Midtown Brotherhood Book 1
Genre: Sports Romance
Publisher: Limitless Publishing
Release Date: Nov. 3, 2015
Henrik Rylander doesn’t just participate in Manhattan’s dating scene—he owns the exclusive rights to it… 

As the newly-minted captain of the New York Rangers hockey team, Henrik’s coach wants him to clean up his reputation. But Henrik isn’t quite ready to give up charming panties off co-eds, so he decides to indulge in one last night of uninhibited freedom. 

Leila Blakely has never been the “cry into your Baskin-Robbins” type… 

When she figures out her boyfriend has been cheating, she has only one objective—vengeance. Conveniently, the jerk’s arch-nemesis and her secret college crush, Henrik Rylander, is in town. She cleverly surprises Henrik in his hotel room and makes him an offer consisting of sex, lies, and the bathroom wall at the Regency. So what if she forgot to mention she was a virgin? 

If their secret gets out, it will make headlines. Guaranteed… 

Deflowering the little sister of the most volatile enforcer in the NHL—who also happens to be his best friend—is a recipe for disaster. Henrik decides to ditch his horn-dog stigma to quell any suspicion and embarks on a mission to befriend Leila, only to be served a big slice of humble pie. 

Leila isn’t buying Henrik’s nice-guy act, though she can’t deny their attraction. But Henrik isn’t acting, and he’s ready to confront his feelings for the feisty girl with the heart tattoos. 

However, Henrik soon discovers there’s much more at stake than his reputation and the status of his bromance with Leila’s brother. 

Earning Leila’s trust might be the key to saving his career…and her life.


She tried to shut the door, but he caught it. “You’re tired a lot lately.”

Her stomach knotted up, and she suddenly felt nauseous. “What do you mean?”

“It’s just seems that you’re always putting off hanging out with me,” he explained in a whisper, but she could feel the tension in his voice.

She let out a sigh. Relieved. “I’m not avoiding you, Henrik.”

He smiled, a small dimple forming in his cheek. “Yes, you are.”

“Not intentionally.”

He stepped forward, his hand grazing under her elbow as he dropped his voice between them. “Yes, you are.”

Custom tailored suit.


Flawless, panty dropping five o’clock shadow.

Henrik ran his thumb down the hard line of his chin and smirked to himself.


The ladies in Newark were in for a treat tonight. Usually, he just crashed after games—part of the constant refueling process required of a professional hockey player. As the newly appointed captain, it was his job to set a positive example for the guys now. Every game counted in their eighty-two game season, and discipline was key.

At least that's the sermon his coach continued to preach at him.

Responsibility. Team work. Blah. Blah. Ugh.

However, tonight was the season opener, and they’d won decisively against their bitter rivals—the New Jersey Devils. In celebration, because he always looked for a good excuse to celebrate, he planned to ignore the advice of his coach in order to get shit faced and make good use of his second greatest talent. He'd get lectured for it tomorrow, but it wouldn't be the first time he showed up for practice hung over and satisfied.

He slipped his wallet into his back pocket and paused at the mirror for final inspection. Admittedly impressed, he straightened the collar of his navy sports coat. He’d cropped his signature Swedish blonde locks short enough to tuck behind his ears. It was his beginning of the season ritual, and it made his blue eyes pop in contrast. That’s what the caramel haired beauty he'd entertained during his pregame interview had told him anyway.

After effectively admiring himself from every angle, he had no choice but to agree with her. Humility had never been his strong suit. In his opinion, he'd finally mastered perfection, except when he turned his cheek, his eyes narrowed, focusing on the tiny, puckering cut at the corner of his lip. His teeth snapped shut.

Derek Deroty would pay for his intentional attempt at taking him out of the game tonight. He might have to wait a couple months until their next scheduled slaughtering, but the bastard would eventually get what was coming to him.

A high stick to the nose, or maybe he'd finally just drop gloves with the prick.

For now, he’d just accept it as a battle wound. The girls would love it.

A light, but persistent knock broke the silence. He immediately rolled his eyes, turning away from the mirror. Austin forgot his keycard. Again. He'd forget the days of the week if Henrik wasn't around to kick his ass in gear every morning.

He searched the counters, but found nothing as he made his way over to the door. It was probably in his gym bag. He bent down to laugh at his best friend through the peephole when—


It was a woman.

His head fell against the door as he held back the groan that wanted to follow the mumbling. Why were women so intent on taking all the fun out of the hunt? He at least wanted to have a few drinks first, swap some stories with his team mates who would be mingling amongst the crowd, and then, as the night drew to a close, he’d start his pursuit. Showing up at his door was equivalent to throwing prepackaged meat to a caged tiger.

He jerked the door open, prepared to shush away his visitor like a stray pigeon before making a beeline for the elevator, but then she turned.


Vibrant green eyes shined up at him, a familiarity he hadn’t expected to find.

“Leila?” He choked out the word, his hand grasping the door handle like a life preserver. He blinked twice, attempting to convince himself that the disheveled hot mess in front of him was real.

Leila tugged harshly at a strand of her auburn waves that sprayed across her bare shoulders and down her back. Her normally flawless, porcelain skin was flushed and he recognized the volatile glint in her eyes. She wasn’t just pissed. Leila Blakely was on the fuck off side of irate.

It was definitely real.

He straightened his shoulders, and then tested his voice before he spoke. “What the hell do you want, Blakely?”

What did she expect from him? Her scumbag boyfriend had taken a cheap shot at him no less than two hours ago. He still had a little built up aggression brewing inside of him, too. She wasn’t there to apologize on Derek’s behalf, he knew that. Sympathy wasn’t part of the Blakely genetic code. He knew that fact first hand, because his best friend, who knocks heads together for a living, just happened to be her older brother.

“Invite me inside,” she instructed, tucking the strand of hair behind her ear before running those long, delicate fingers down her throat.

The gesture almost distracted him, but just the sound of her voice set his nerves on edge. Only an idiot would be fooled by the glistening threat of tears in her eyes. He wasn’t about to be lured by the lamb to the wolf’s den. Leila projected an image of sophistication and innocence, but it was all a show. The hologram in front of him was a shell hiding the reality he knew all too well.

The real Leila wore converse and ratty hockey shirts. She cursed like a sailor set on shore for leave, and she was tougher than half the men he knew. Her façade melted away as her temper started to hit its peak. So after all these years Leila finally wanted to talk to him.

Too bad he didn't give a fuck.

“I’m actually headed out for the night,” he told her, looking past her toward the elevator. He wanted a drink and a sexy woman writhing underneath him later. He deserved it. He’d worked non-stop the past eight weeks, performing two a days in preparation for the season. All he wanted was one last night out.

No hockey. No commercials. No interviews.

Just good ol'fashion dirty fun.
Leila rolled her eyes at him though, and pushed past him into the room.

“Excuse you?” He was angered by her bold move, but most of all, annoyed that he couldn’t stop himself from watching the way the hem of her dress swayed against her thighs.

How could it be that short without revealing something?
“I require your assistance,” she said flatly, her chin set. “Shut the damn door.”

It had been years since he’d seen this side of her. Well, not since she started dating that spawn of satan, Derek. She was always so prim and nauseatingly proper when she was around him. “Well, you’re barking up the wrong tree, cupcake. Why don’t you go ask your boyfriend for help?”

She bit the inside of her cheek. It was quick, and someone else may not have noticed it, but Henrik knew her too well. He'd spent too many hours dissecting the nuances of her every reaction, searching for the real emotion trapped within her chilled exterior, not to recognize the fire she desperately tried to barricade behind that smile. “He’s busy,” she stated, her tone acidic.

Suddenly intrigued, he flung the door shut.

Surely, Leila wasn't upset with her perfect, little golden boy.

Savannah was born in Hyden, Kentucky. She received her M.S in Speech Language Pathology from The University of Mississippi in 2009. She’s been writing since the early age of nine when she begged her parents for a type writer for Christmas.

She now lives in Corbin, Ky with her husband of eight years, John, and their two wonderful daughters, Delilah and Gracie.

When she isn’t working, or running after her kids, she spends her free time traveling the country with her husband. There is nothing better than a day of football in the grove, a late night of basketball at Rupp Arena or slapping the glass to celebrate another Washington Capitals goal.

She is a strong believer that with enough hard work and determination you can accomplish anything.

Booking Blitz: A Summer with Snow by Hallie Swanson

Title: A Summer with Snow
Author: Hallie Swanson
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Hosted by: Lady Amber's Tours
It was the summer of 2005, probably the most memorable summer of my life. I was twelve years old, six weeks we spent together, forty two days, in that time our friendship grew, and then without warning he upped and left. I always hoped he’d come back to us, I couldn’t let go of his memory. He became my first, my only teenage crush. Every day he was in my mind, and every night he was in my dreams. Ten years on this man is still my secret obsession no matter how many men I’ve met and dated, nobody ever measured up. Even today, all I can think about is the summer of 2005, the summer I spent with Snow. .... But although Darcy thought she knew all there was to know about Snow, she couldn't have been more wrong.
Author Links: Amazon:
“Darcy, lift your arms above your head,” he says, standing directly before me.
His tanned physique is to die for. Steam wafts up from his broad chest. There’s a slight gap between us, yet he feels so warm. Standing here like this is everything I’ve ever pictured in my dreams; every sensation, every ounce of feeling rushes through the core of my body. The tips of his fingers take the edge of my T-shirt, and holding onto the cotton material they slowly glide up past my waist, past my breasts, and with my arms raised, past my fingers. I glance down as he drops my top onto the bed. Encased by his arms, he unclips the fastenings of my bra. I sense his chest has cooled as he leans his bare flesh against my breasts. I lower my eyes, expecting him to lift me onto the bed, and I’ve no desire to fight him. He rests his cheek against mine, and I flinch as his stubble rubs against my face. His lips part as they press against my ear, and I tilt my head ever so slightly so that they can move down to my neck.
“You shower, Darcy; I left the water running.”
His fingers, his lips slip away and he walks to the far side of the bed, still rubbing at his hair. Is he acting like the perfect gentleman or, after the way I’ve acted, is he just too scared to make the first move? As I look over his body the thought of him inside me is making me wet. I blush, feeling embarrassed at my own thoughts. What’s happening to you, Darcy?
Filled with frustration, I saunter into a bathroom of wall-to-wall mirrors. I step out of my trousers and my black lace panties, and from the cold tiled floor into the shower. Blinded by steam, I lean my head back against the striking white wall tiles. I blink, screwing up my eyes as they are hit by jets of hot water. Taking the lathered soap from its porcelain dish, I rub it between my palms, touching my face, my arms. I begin circling my hands over my skin, trying to wash my frustration away; on reaching my breasts I circle my nipples … they are hard against my fingers. Still covered in soap and water, my hands dip down to my waist and on between my legs; slowly I begin to rub myself. I take his advice and pretend that’s it’s not me here, but someone else. Losing myself in my head, I feel I’m also losing my inhibitions.
“Snow!” I cry out. “Can you come here?”
Two  “I was about to put my truncheon in your hand, but thought you’d prefer my cock.”
My instinct tells me that at the first chance I get I should turn round and punch him in the face, yet having him so God damn near I’m feeling myself starting to relax; he’s starting to turn me on.
“We’ve made love…” He nibbles my neck. “We’ve fucked, but it gets much more exciting from here on, so now for the role play.”
I try to butt in, but I gasp back my words as he slips my hand down the front of his trousers. I can feel his every inch and can feel how much he wants me.
“Look, Darc, if you’re not into this kind of thing, we can always drive back to the hotel, or meet up with Chase and Rayne.”
I attempt to shake my head against the cold metal bonnet. I feel his lips move my hair from my face as he whispers into my ear.
“I thought if I spiced things up a bit, this relationship could go all the way. I don’t want you looking elsewhere now, do I?” he says, grazing my lobe with his teeth.
His hand prise its way between my thighs and the bonnet, and he ruches up my long black dress until it’s level with my undies. He slips his fingers inside my lace panties and I open up slightly more as he feels his way between my folds. His fingers hover, then massage my sex. Pleasurable groans slip from between my lips as he circles his fingers around my hardening bud. I tighten my grasp around the warm skin of his penis, slowly moving my hand up and down his shaft.
“Okay, Snow, I’ll play your game,” I utter.
As my hand moves faster, I squeeze his cock just a little too hard and he flinches.
“Though maybe not so rough.”
He jerks it out of my hand, slides his arm under my stomach and turns me over onto my back. I gaze up into darkness and the rugged outline of his face.
“Okay, now do as I’ve asked and get in the fucking car.”
Straightening my dress, I lift my legs, bend slightly and ease myself onto the back seat. A flash of metal, a click and my wrists are held tight in handcuffs.
“Don’t you think I’ll need my hands?” I smirk as he buries a small metal key in his trouser pockets.
“What you’re going to be doing to me, you won’t be needing your hands.”
“Enough!” he yells. “You’ve been a very naughty girl, and you’re in big trouble.”
I can’t help but giggle at how serious he’s being. He grabs my knees, pulling me round to face him.
“Now lie back,” he demands, “and shut that dirty mouth of yours.”
He smiles, and the small light in the car enhances the whiteness of his teeth. He leans into me, searching for my lips. I feel their softness, and the stroke of his finger as it runs down my cheek.
“Darcy, do you trust me?” he murmurs, and I nod.
“How do you fancy trying something you haven’t tried before?”
I see a small tube that he pulls from his pocket. I don’t answer his question, but lean back and close my eyes.
I can’t help thinking that in her own way she’s as fucked up as me, and what she said was true; guess some people really do wear their scars better than others. I lean forward on the bed, pulling her towards me by the waistband of her shorts.
“No, Snow, get off me.”
She takes a step forwards, but I pull her back. She spins round, hitting out at my face; grabbing her above the elbows I pull her into my chest, encasing her in my arms.
“Get off me!” she yells.
“It’s okay, Darc, it’s okay.”
The harder she fights, the tighter my hold on her becomes. After only moments I feel her tenseness dissolve and her yells become sobs. I reach up, softly stroking my hand down the back of her hair in the same way I remember my mother doing to me as a boy when I was upset… But that’s Snow’s story and locked away. There are so many facets to my life, ones I’m not prepared to share.
Still holding her against me, we’re almost as one as I lower us back onto the bed. This is foreign territory I enter, for never in my life have I held a woman the way I’m holding Darcy now. I have this overriding feeling that takes over my head, telling me I want to protect her, keep her safe. Suddenly, my heart hurts, for it is something Snow was unable to do for Summer. But this isn’t a sisterly love I feel for Darcy; I can’t place what I feel. I glance down onto her soft forehead, my eyes following the bridge of her nose, and it suddenly dawns on me that I can’t imagine my life without her in it; yet what chance do two people as broken and as lost as we are really have?
It’s strange how moments can turn into hours without you realising, and it’s amazing how long our arms stayed wrapped around one another without either of us wanting to pull away. I look down at her as she lifts her head from my chest, and we hold each other in a long drawn-out stare. I smile at the multicoloured paint on her face. Seeing a half-empty glass on the table beside us, I stretch my arm towards it and dip my finger into the water. I lift myself from her, allowing her head to fall lightly onto the pillow behind. I draw my wet fingers down from her forehead, smudging the shades as I try to rub the paint away. But as I wipe away her painted mask, I see a woman beneath, a beautiful woman whose eyes have settled on me… At the end of the day she’s still a woman, and every woman I have every loved, who has ever meant anything to me, has just caused me pain. Faces from my past flash into my head… Is it only a matter of time before I kiss Darcy goodbye and she becomes no more than a memory? Then, like so many times before, I will forget her, pick myself up and start my life over.
I lean my arm past her and turn off the light, then once more hold her in my arms.

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Blog Tour: Stupid Love by Cindy Miles

Stupid Love by Cindy Miles 
(Stupid in Love #3) 
Publication date: September 10th 2015
Genres: New Adult, Romance

Bestselling new adult author Cindy Miles is set to capture the hearts of STUPID GIRL fans again with the grand finale of the Stupid in Love series, featuring Memory and Jace.
That’s how I refer to the guys who’ve had the bad fortune to fall for me. They only see long legs that they wish were wrapped around them, a cat-like smile, and the reckless abandon to take on any wild dare. It’s all a game to me. Show me a bridge, and I’ll leap over the side. Give me a car, and I’ll race it. Give me a heart, and I’ll break it. I always win. I even showed Death who was boss a long time ago.
Or so I thought.
Now, time is running out, and I’m losing fast…and big. I met someone. Jace Beaumont. He’s smart, and good, and I dream about spending days exploring the summit of his perfect lips. But, I’m a grenade. I know I should leave him be. I can’t.
Study, class, work, repeat. That’s all I have time for. At twenty-five years old, I have a bit more mileage on me than the average college freshman. But, that’s what happens when you spend your youth drinking, partying, and bagging girls like it’s a full-time job. Now, I have goals. There’s just one kink in my plans. Her name is Memory. She’s every guy’s dream girl. She’s intoxicating. She’s trouble. I want to stay away. I can’t.


National bestselling author Cindy Miles writes edgy romance, ranging from contemporary love stories to sexy paranormals. A native of southern coastal Georgia, she loves reading (naturally), baking swoon-worthy desserts, traveling abroad, yoga, and classic rock. The cover for her debut New Adult romance, STUPID GIRL, was featured on USA Today’s Happily Ever After blog. In the novel, a volatile mix of bad boys, sassy smart girls, dark secrets, and red-hot romance add up to one wild ride through college. The second book in her Stupid in Love series, STUPID BOY, features a wickedly handsome law-breaker who falls for a beautiful, straight-A college student with an ugly past of her own.

Author links:

Booking Blitz: Escaping Parker by FT Zele

Title: Escaping Parker
Author: F.T. Zele
Genre: Romantic Suspense 
Hosted by: Lady Amber's Tours


Clarissa never thought at age twenty-six she would be fearing for her life. Everything was going just as she had planned until her husband started showing a side of him he never let on. Failed attempts at leaving has left her fighting for her life. Literally. She knows she has to figure out a plan to free her from his tight grip, but it’s harder than one could imagine.
Rig has endured much pain when a tragedy left him trying to figure out his place in this world. He plows through situations leaving nothing safe is his wake. He lives for the thrill of danger, and loves to be on the open road. He doesn’t mix business with pleasure, and he didn’t expect he would fall in love with the girl he is hiding out.
When things get too intense between the two of them, he decides he can no longer be her safety net, and his feelings are getting in the way of his judgment, making it hard to choose between right and wrong.
Will he be able to figure out what he wants in time to save her life, or will she become another statistic in domestic abuse?
I’m running…
Trying to escape…
My life depends on it…
I don’t know where I’m going…
I’m running into the arms of a complete stranger…
Unable to trust…
Afraid of being caught…
It’s only then I fall in love…
Knowing it’s wrong, only makes me want him more…
Can he save me…
Can I save him…
Or will it be too late…

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Friday, November 20, 2015

Review: Banewolf by Eden Ashley

Banewolf by Eden Ashley 
(Dark Siren #2) 
Publication date: November 19th 2013
Genres: Paranormal Romance, Young Adult

New enemies are made.

New allies must be forged.

Kali is beginning to regain her memories. In doing so, she discovers old secrets and betrayals that threaten to unravel her present and shake the foundation for Rhane’s belief in her innocence. While her maturing abilities present unique challenges, a bigger problem arises when Kali learns her ex-boyfriend has made a misguided deal with the enemy in order to win her back—a decision that may ultimately cost him his humanity.

Keeping Kali safe has become a full time job for Rhane. And struggling to gain control of the immortal Banewolf isn’t making that task any easier. The power to eliminate the growing threat against Kali lies at Rhane’s fingertips, but using it means risking his friends to the insatiable blood lust of a monster. So Rhane is forced to forge a shaky alliance with creatures he has sworn to destroy. Despite these new allies, the danger pressing on their borders intensifies, culminating in a heartbreaking and shocking finale.

The strength of the bond between young and ancient lovers will be tested…and if Kali and Rhane are to survive, they must find a way to be unbreakable.

This book was an awesome second book to the series! I already loved the characters and this book just made me love them even more!

Kali is starting to remember bits and pieces of her past life which is good and bad at the same time. It is difficult for Kali to see images that she doesn’t really know what they mean or what was truly happening. As she is seeing her past, things slowly piece together to only throw more questions out there. As Kali is remembering, it also puts a strain on her and Rhane’s relationship.

Rhane is worried about Kali remembering because he has done some awful things in the past that he wants to keep from her. So he tries his best to make sure she doesn’t remember.

This series is a must read! I was wry in the beginning because I am picky when it comes to paranormal romance but this was written well and kept me captivated from the beginning.

Rating: 4.5/5