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Blog Tour: The Beauty of Lies by Brinda Berry

The Beauty of Lies by Brinda Berry 

(Stand by Me, #1) 
Publication date: October 6th 2015
Genres: New Adult, Romance


Secrets are exposed, trust is betrayed and two people face the beauty of lies.
Leo Jensen has a secret–he is Mr. Expose, a blogger that reveals the truth about liars and frauds. It’s a way to make a living, and he’s had a motherlode of experience with liars. Cheaters. Women who live for drama and carry more hidden baggage than a Boeing 747. Even his twin sister can’t seem to admit the truth about her relationships, so finding an honest woman is about as likely as finding a unicorn in the middle of Nashville.
Harper Wade wishes life had a do-over button. She’d press that sucker and reset the last four years. Now, she has the chance to start fresh and make things right, but first she has to retrieve the damning evidence of her past from an annoying blogger. She’s doing all the things she knows she shouldn’t–breaking and entering, lying by omission, falling for the hot guy next door. Too bad he holds the key to her clean slate.


**I received an ARC copy in exchange for a review.**

When i first started reading this book, it took me a couple of chapters before I got into the story. Im not sure why. I think I was just in a reading funk and its not what I really wanted to read at the moment. However, once I got into the book, I couldn't put it down! 

I loved how there were ulterior motives in the beginning and then love got in the way which always seems to happen. Yes Harper originally went to find a postcard that she wrote to Mr. Expose so that she wouldn't ruin a child's life. Leo also had good first instincts about Harper but his sister makes him think he was seeing things. 

I really love when characters fight their emotions but then eventually give in and that is exactly what happens in this book. I do however, think it is a little over the top that the same exact thing happened to both Leo and Harper. That seems like it would never really happen.

I did really like this book and would recommend this to other people!

Rating: 4/5


Brinda Berry lives in the southern US with her family. Brinda is obsessed with cairn terriers, Kings of Leon, new technology and sandy beaches.  She’s also terribly fond of chocolate, coffee, and books that take her away from reality.

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