Friday, March 25, 2016

Review: Now, Please by Willow Summers

Now, Please by Willow Summers
(Please Series)


His secrets could tear us apart.

I've done what no other woman has: I've made the legendary Hunter Carlisle make a compromise. I have a toehold into his solitary life.

Unfortunately, the pain of his past still lingers.

When we're forced to go to a work conference out of state, secrets emerge. Damaging secrets that shut him down and make him push me away.

Somehow I have to make him confront the past or I'll lose him forever.


***I received an ARC copy in exchange for an honest review.***

I love when authors can pick right up where the last book left off. This author did a great job of this. I read the first book and moved right onto the next. 

I love the way the author has made the two main character connect. Hunter comes from a broken family where his father stole his first love. His father has cheated on his mother and gets bored with women easily since he always finds a new woman.  Olivia is also from a broken home. Her mother has always resented having to raise her since she wanted a rich life. Having a child held her back from all the plastic surgery she has wanted and eventually had. Olivia's father had passed right before she went to college. These two help each other get over their fears which the author demonstrates really well. 

Hunter finally lets Olivia in a little by kissing her and saying he wants to "make love to her" instead of just "fucking" her. He takes a huge step and then his father comes along and breaks it all up by putting the moves on Olivia and kisses her. Clearly she was trying to pull herself away from him, but Hunter overreacted and freaked himself out. Even though deep down inside, he knew she wasn't kissing him. He then closed himself off again and told Olivia to find another position in the office.

By the end of this book, Hunter comes to his senses and tries to get Olivia back. What do you think will happen between the two of them?

Rating: 5/5

About the Author:

A wine country native, I moved to San Francisco for college just shy of a decade ago to pursue a lifelong interest in film. As I settled into the vibrant city, it quickly became apparent that, while I thought making and editing films was great fun, I lacked cinematic genius. For that reason, my career path quickly changed direction. My next goal was a strange childhood interest, conjured at the dining room table while filling out a form. For some reason, my young self wanted to be an Accountant. Thinking on it now, I wonder how I had any friends. Regardless, it was the direction I finally took.

While I could wrangle numbers with the best of 'em, and even though I wore the crown as the most outspoken, belligerent accountant in the world, my mind got as stuffy as my daily routine. It was here that I dusted off my creative hat and began writing. 

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