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Review: Kiss of Death by Jayme & Jody Morse

Kiss of Death by Jayme and Jody Morse
The Briar Creek Vampires 
Book 1


Sixteen year-old Lexi Hunter is just an ordinary teenager wishing that her life could be as exciting as a reality tv show when her mom receives a phone call with the news that Lexi’s cousin, Austin, was killed. She and her mom return to Briar Creek, the town that they left ten years ago, never looking back.

During their stay, Lexi falls head-over-heels for Gabe, the dark and mysterious guy who lives across the street and goes to the same high school that Austin went to. Lexi’s Aunt Violet and Uncle Tommy insist on her staying away from him due to his violent behavior and instead urge her to pursue a relationship with Dan, Austin’s best friend. 

In an effort to learn more about the cousin she barely knew, Lexi snoops through Austin’s belongings. Soon, she begins to uncover puzzling details that make her believe that Austin wasn’t really attacked by an animal the night he was killed – details that may already be putting her own life in danger.


Kiss of Death was the first Jayme and Jody Morse book I read and I loved it! The story drew me in instantly and kept me guessing with all the twists and turns. 

Lexi Hunter and her mom came to Briar Creek after years away from Lexi's cousin, Austin's wake. Austin was supposedly killed by a wild animal, but Lexi knows something just doesn't add up. Since she is staying with her Aunt and Uncle (Austin's parents), she asks questions about his death to get to the bottom of Austin's death. When reading the book, you really get a feel for the mystery of the town which really draws you in and keeps you wanting to read more. 

Dan, Austin's best friend, shows interest in Lexi, but so does the mysterious Gabe who lives across the street. The night before Lexi and her mom head home, they get attacked and Lexi's mom is killed. Lexi's mom was said to have died from e-coli, but Lexi knows this couldn't be since her mom is a vegetarian. Lexi is positive her mom was murdered and is determined to get to the bottom of it. 

Since the death of Lexi's mom, her Aunt and Uncle become her legal guardians and they are too controlling for Lexi's liking. Since Lexi's Aunt and Uncle are determined that she dates Dan, she gets put off a little by him. However, she is totally swept off her feet by Gabe who her Aunt forbids her to see, which only makes it more intriguing. 

Throughout this book, you can never really tell who is on Lexi's side and it keeps you guessing and changing who you like throughout the book. This was an awesome book and I can't wait to share more of the series with you!

Rating: 5/5

~~About the Authors~~

Jody Morse                       Jayme Morse

Jody Morse is a young adult paranormal romance and teen suspense author residing in the Poconos. She co-authors with her sister, Jayme Morse.

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