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Review: The Kiera Hudson Series One by Tim O'Rourke

I came across this book a couple of years ago, but just had the urge to read it just last week. Of course once I finished the first book, I just had to keep reading the others in the series. I just couldn't put the book down! It was so intriguing, I would stay up until two or three in the morning just to keep reading. If you think that is bad.... I read the series one within two days! I was obsessed! If you have not read this book yet, I highly recommend you go purchase this before reading any more! 

One day when I was browsing through my kindle library I came across this book and decided to start reading it. The story starts out different from your typical twilight story which is what made me love the series!

My Review:

The Kiera Hudson series is a non-stop heart racing, heart pounding ride that see's Kiera face danger, find romance and discover the ultimate betrayal, all in the leading up to the gripping conclusion that you won't believe!

This is one of my favorite self-published series that I have ever read! From start to end of this series, it keeps you interested and compelled to just keep reading! I have fallen in love with the characters throughout all six books through the intensity and excitement Tim O'Rourke portrays though his writing. This series really keeps you on your toes and throws you in completely different directions through the many twists and turns. You almost never see what is really going to before it actually happens. Part of that is through the way Tim O'Rourke portrayed Kiera and how her subconscious argued with her and many different  ways throughout the series. The revelation that Kiera makes and the discoveries that actually occur are mind-blowing and heart-breaking. I know I sure was heart broken. I have never read a book where I felt the deception and betrayal that Kiera feels. The  Let's just say I didn't think the series would end the way it did...

Kiera Hudson sure has been through a lot since first arriving in Ragged Cove, setting in motion events that shape the whole series. Throughout the series, you get to see Kiera grow from a girl to a woman, but not only that you can see she's more jaded, but still manages to hold onto hope that there is goodness. This has made her a fantastic and fun character to follow. Even in the very end, when Kiera is faced with so much pain and confusion and she still manages to do the correct thing by herself and what she knows is right. One thing I know is she never questions or doubts herself which is refreshing to see in a character. I really think Tim O'Rourke meant to put her into impossible situations just so he could make her overcome them. Watching her define who she is after learning her life isn’t what it seems and what she is isn’t quite human has been a highlight of the series. 

Throughout the series, Kiera has been tormented by one impossible choice. Who does her heart truly belong to? Developing feelings over time for both of the two men in her life, she's struggles with choosing just one. When she does choose the one I know i am truly happy and was voting for him the entire time! In the end, I think choosing between Luke and Potter was easier than Kiera expected. I’ve always liked Luke since the first book, but I’m sure that those who know me know I’ve only ever had eyes for Potter. As crazy as it sounds when going into the series, Sean Potter has always been the one for me. With his gruff, cocky nature and foul mouth he wormed his way into my heart and stole it completely. 

I was extremely sad to finish this series all too soon. Every part, every moment of this series has been emotional in some way or other and every single thing that’s happened, be it good, bad, happy, or sad have all been entirely worth reading. I cannot wait to see what Tim does with the new level of this series as he starts interpreting at the very end of this book in the next Kiera Hudson series, Kiera Hudson-Dead Flesh! 

Series Rating: 5

"Vampire shift will leave you on the edge of your seat, gripping your kindle." Paranormal Wasteland book reviews

"The Kiera Hudson series is fresh - different and a vampire tale like no other. I really like being able to pick up a story and be like wow!" Page Flipperz Book Review

"I don't know how it is possible to write a series and have each new book always be better than the last, but that is exactly what O'Rourke is doing with his Kiera Hudson novels." A Book Vacation Book Reviews

Tim O'Rourke once again shows his mastery at building stories and characters that are larger than life. He has readers constantly guessing and changing their alliances." Abibliophobic Book Reviews

"O'Rourke certainly knows how to deliver twists that the reader never sees coming and that will leave him/her reeling for days on end. Five stars." A Book Vacation Book Reviews.

"This book was certainly an emotional rollercoaster ride. Filled with blood, gore, murder, mystery, mayhem, romance, love, loss and a HUMDINGER of an ending... I did not see coming..." Page Flipperz Book Reviews 

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