Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Review: Thicker Than Water by Jayme & Jody Morse

Thicker Than Water by Jayme and Jody Morse
The Briar Creek Vampires
Book 2 


There's something strange going on in Briar Creek. Everyone's been quiet lately...too quiet. Lexi's fate was determined before she even arrived in Briar Creek at the beginning of the summer, and it was far more deadly than she ever could have imagined.


After the cliffhanger ending from the first book, this is a great start to the second book in the series! The book starts off with Lexi having a dream-like experience where she sees her mom and Austin. Both of them give her clues and warnings as to what is to come. Lexi then wakes up in the hospital with amnesia. Lexi's aunt and uncle treat her better right after the accident but her aunt insists she goes back to work immediately which seems quite strange. 

Gabe is missing from the accident seen which makes Lexi feel like he tried to kill her. She also knows that Gabe is a vampire and suspects there are others but this book begins to unravel the secrets around Briar Creek. Gage eventually reappears and is shocked to see Lexi still alive. Gage tells Lexi he is in hiding from the rest of Briar Creek and that he has to be careful. 

One thing I'm not crazy over is the fact it takes Lexi a while to figure things out or put them together when the reader had done that way before hand.

This series seems to always leave you with a cliffhanger only wanting to start the next book immediately. 

~~About the Authors~~

Jody Morse                       Jayme Morse

Jody Morse is a young adult paranormal romance and teen suspense author residing in the Poconos. She co-authors with her sister, Jayme Morse.

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